Pelagia leaving on a cruise

For seagoing research NIOZ operates 4 ships, each dedicated to a specific area of operation. Three ships, Pelagia, Navicula and Stern are based on Texel while the Luctor is based in Yerseke.

Please find below a description of the dimensions and typical applications of the vessels. Additional information on the ships and on the options for use can be obtained from the head of NMF.

Thomas de Greef
T 0222 369 375
@ Thomas.de.Greef(at)nioz.nl
RV Pelagia

RV Pelagia, built in 1991 and overhauled in 2010, is the flagship of NIOZ. With a total length of 66 m, this versatile and stable vessel is suited for research on both coastal seas and open oceans except for the polar regions. Nor will it be deployed on the Pacific Ocean because other institutes may explore this area in a more economic way. The Pelagia has 2 dry labs and a wet lab and may host up to 9 interchangeable (laboratory) containers. The ship offers berths for up to 14 scientists and her 11-member crew is highly skilled in the hauling of equipment and moorings.

RV Pelagia
Internettelefoon: +31(0)10 713 07 42
Satelliettelefoon: +870 76 39 64 127
T 06-51338399 
F 00-870-764091188
@ name(at)rvpelagia.nl
RV Navicula

RV Navicula is 24 meters long and is especially designed for research in the Wadden Sea. The limited draft of this ship renders it particularly suitable for the work in shallow channels and above the tidal flats. The ship provides a dry and a wet lab, and ample space on deck for an exchangeable laboratory container. The A-frame on the aft side and the winches may be used for sampling and measuring. Besides the three crew, the ship offers place for up to 8 participants. The Navicula is frequently used in university courses to familiarize students with the seagoing research.

T 06-20622863
F 06 53283221
RV Stern

RV Stern is the smallest of our vessels. It measures 14.6 m, a width of 4.2 m and has 2 working winches and an A-frame with a total lifting capacity of 500 kg. The Stern is equipped for day trips and is mainly used for transporting people and goods to and from the different research sites in the Wadden Sea. 

T 06-53324095