Seagoing equipment

NIOZ-MRF manages and maintains an extensive collection of seagoing equipment, the so-called pool equipment. When applying for support from NIOZ-MRF, the chief scientist may request pool equipment via the 'Technique Application Form' (TAF form).

Highly special seagoing instrumentation is owned and maintained by various scientific departments. Please contact the owner of the equipment to discuss options for cooperation.

'Pool' equipment

Please, find below an overview of our pool equipment, arranged according to MRF's User Advisory Panels (Gebruikers Advies Groepen, GAGs):

  1. Biological Sampling
  2. Bottom sampling & Seismics
  3. Chemical Analyses
  4. CTD & Watersampling
  5. Moored Instrumentation

General MRF equipment & gear:

  1. Containers
  2. Winches & Cables
  3. Transport
  4. Shipbound equipment and gear