'Marine Research Facilities' (NIOZ-MRF) supports seagoing research for NIOZ as well as for other institutes and universities in the Netherlands. Seagoing projects funded by the ALW can request support for the planning, preparation and execution of their seagoing expeditions. NIOZ-MRF will support cruises on the NIOZ vessels RV Pelagia and RV Navicula, but also on foreign ships. Additional information on how to prepare for and organize a cruise can be found here.

European partnership OFEG

NIOZ has an agreement with the European partners BMBF (Germany), IFREMER (France), NERC (United Kingdom), IMR (Norway) en CSIC (Spain) to exchange ships and seagoing equipment. Together, these six partners form the 'Ocean Facilities Exchange Group' (OFEG). By using these ‘ships of opportunity’ scientists have access to a larger pool of equipment and to areas of the ocean that would otherwise be out of reach or too expensive to cover.

Seagoing Equipment

NIOZ-MRF owns and maintains the specialized equipment that can be used on seagoing expeditions. Furthermore, (deep sea) winches, cables and a variety of containers and container labs are available. All equipment is described in detail on the page 'Seagoing equipment'


NIOZ-MRF receives dedicated funding from ALW for long-term investments in and maintenance of seagoing equipment. Every year the investment plans are updated in consultance with the User Advisory Groups (GAG's) for Biological Sampling, Bottom sampling and Seismics, CTD-systems and Water Sampling, Chemical Analyses and Moored Instrumentation and with the NIOZ Management Team. The User Advisory Groups are composed of scientists and technicians from all institutes and universities in the Netherlands with an interest in seagoing research.

For more information please contact the NIOZ-MRF coordinator.

dr. Erica Koning
T 0222 369 441
@ erica.koning(at)nioz.nl