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Open Access: introduction

Open Access (OA) aims to promote publishing models that ensure free and unrestricted access to research articles. Open Access ensures the immediate, online and free availability of research outputs, without the severe restrictions commonly imposed by publisher copyright agreements. It maximises the visibility, and thus the uptake and use, of research outputs. Recent studies show that publishing in Open Access jou rnals increase the impact of articles.


How to publish Open Access

There are two ways to publish in Open Access:

1. Publish in an open access journal. (Golden Road to Open Access)

There is a large number of OA journals. Some are free of any charges and are usually sponsored by academic institutions or learned societies. Others request a fee from the authors, (‘publishing –‘ or ‘author fee’), since publishing and peer-review cannot be sustained without financial aid.

Another category, increasing in popularity, is that of the so-called hybrid journals. These are the subscription-based journals published by traditional publishers where you can publish articles free of charge. They also offer the OA option for individual articles if authors are prepared to pay a fee. Whether or not you are prepared to pay an OA fee should not influence the peer-review process and therefore, the option is offered only after the peer-review process was completed and the article has been accepted fopr publication. These OA articles can be accessed free of charge by anyone. If many articles are published OA at a fee, this might help to lower the subscription fee for this journal. Since the OA fees differ a lot among the publishers and/or the journals you are advised to get information in advance how high this fee is and check with your department’s head whether or not you can/ are willing to pay this OA fee.

Many OA journals have been launched recently and not all of these are genuine and reliable journals. As with all new journals you are advised to check the editorial board members: newsgroups on your subjects of interest may provide additional information on the reputation of these (new) journals.


2. Self-archiving (Green Road to Open Access)

Deposit your publication in the NIOZ Repository, by emailing it to the library: bib@nioz.nl. If you are the first author and didn't publish in an (hybrid) Open Access journal: please add the postprint (i.e. final draft after peer-review) as well, because in many cases we can only legally place this version of your paper in Open Access.

For all papers, the NIOZ library checks the copyright policy of the specific journal and picks the right version of your paper going Open Access. If not allowed on the internet, the final pdf will be shared within the NIOZ-domain.

In addition you can upload and self-archive your article in a database like Researchgate or Academia, which are online scientific communities. Whether of not you upload your publications is your own responsibility, so please check the Sherpa/Romeo database for the copyright policies of the specific journals.

Funding for OA publications
Impact of Open Access Journals

This list presents potentially interesting OA-journals, together with their corresponding Journal Impact Factor.(≥2)

The reason for this list is that, although NWO promotes the Golden Road to Open Access, scientific research is still evaluated based on the citation impact of articles published in journals that are indexed by Web of Science and therefore by the Journal Citation Reports (JCR).

[updated juli 2015]

Abbreviated Journal Journal Title Impact Factor
PLOS BIOL Plos biology 9,34
Physical review X
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 7,44
GEOSCI MODEL DEV Geoscientific model development 3,65
J ADV MODEL EARTH SY Journal of advances in modeling earth systems 4,92
SCI REP-UK Scientific reports 5,58
CRYOSPHERE Cryosphere 4,52
FRONT MICROB Frontiers in Microbiology 3,99
ENVIRON RES LETT Environmental  research letters 3,90
TELLUS B Tellus B 2,15
BIOGEOSCIENCES Biogeosciences 3,98
NEW J PHYS New journal of physics 3,56
HYDROL EARTH SYST SC Hydrology and earth system sciences 3,54
FRONT BIOSCI-LANDMARK Frontiers in Bioscience-Landmark  3,52
PLOS ONE Plos One 3,23
CLIM PAST Climate of the past 3,38
OCEANOGRAPHY Oceanography 2,94
ECOL SOC Ecology and society 2,77
BMC ECOL BMC Ecology 2,36
AoB PLANTS AoB Plants 2,27
SENSORS-BASEL Sensors 2,25
OCEAN SCI Ocean Science 2,23
PEERJ Peer J 2,12
FRONT PHYS Frontiers in Physics 2,09