NIOZ owns and manages 4 research vessels to conduct seagoing research, each one dedicated to a specific area of operation. Expeditions at sea have to comply with a multitude of (inter)national legislation and regulations and therefore require careful preparation. The departments of NIOZ-MRF and SML support scientists with every aspect of their seagoing expeditions.



The department of 'Marine Research Facilities' (NIOZ-MRF) supports seagoing research for NIOZ as well as for other institutes and universities in the Netherlands. Seagoing projects funded by ALW may request support for the planning, preparation and execution of their seagoing expeditions. NIOZ-MRF will support cruises on the NIOZ vessels RV Pelagia and RV Navicula, but also on foreign ships. More information on the organization of MRF is presented here.

dr. Erica Koning (coordinator NIOZ-MRF)
T 0222 369 441
@ erica.koning(at)nioz.nl

Ship's Management & Logistics

The department of Ship’s Management and Logistics (SML) is in charge of scheduling ships and crew, and warrants our ships to comply with laws and regulations on safety and maintenance. Furthermore, the department of SML is responsible for the customs handling and maintains our relationships with agents in foreign harbors.

Thomas de Greef
T 0222 369 375
@ thomas.de.greef(at)nioz.nl
Contact (custom affairs)
Peter-Roy Alkema
T 0222 369 309
@ peterroy.alkema(at)nioz.nl