Cruise Diary

The cruise diary provides you with the latest news and stories from our colleagues on board RV Pelagia. The contributions may be either in Dutch or in English, depending on the author.

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06/04/2016 15:20

JC134 - Diary/Blog

Cruise No. JC134
Chief scientist: Jan-Berend Stuut
NIOZ participants:
Chris Munday, Laura Korte, Michèlle van der Does
Date: March - April 2016

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02/11/2015 14:30

MSM48 - Diary/Blog

Maria S. MerianProgram: ADOMIS
Cruise No. MSM48
Chief scientist: Karin Zonneveld
NIOZ participants:
Lorendz Boom, Bob Koster, Jan-Berend Stuut
Date: 13 - 25 November 2015

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31/08/2015 08:59

64PE401 - Diary/Blog

PelagiaProgram: Black Sea - Fe VICI
Cruise No. 64PE401
Chief scientist: Caroline Slomp
Date: 1 - 17 September 2015

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08/07/2015 08:00

64PE400 - Diary/Blog

PelagiaProgram: OSNAP 9 (EAST Leg 2)
Cruise No. 64PE400
Chief scientist: Laura de Steur
Date: 8 - 29 July 2015


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02/05/2015 21:46

Transit 15-3 - Week Diary 1

Mooring releasePelagia (NIOZ) deploys a complex 5-line mooring in the deep-sea

On Saturday 2/5/2015, a complex overboard operation from the Pelagia was successfully completed due to good weather and perfect collaboration between crew and participants.

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26/04/2015 13:47

64PE398 - Diary 21

n the video lab

Sunday 26 April 2015 – Close but not close enough

This Sunday is our last working day in the Rainbow area. First on today’s program are two boxcores at 2500 m depth on the eastern and western slope of Rainbow Ridge.


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25/04/2015 13:19

64PE398 - Diary 20

Diving in the water

Saturday 25 April 2015 – Men (m/f) overboard!

Today is the perfect day for all the other activities which we had to suspend because of the bad weather. Hard to choose what should have priority, deploying the BOBO-A lander, or the M1 mooring...

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24/04/2015 13:12

64PE398 - Diary 19

Preparing the piston core

Friday 24 April 2015 – Back to muddy business

It is amazing how rapidly the face of the sea can change. When we wake up, we find our ship gently rocking on a calm ocean, the low waves shimmering in the early morning light.


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23/04/2015 13:02

64PE398 - Diary 18

A lab after a stormy night

Thursday 23 April 2015 – Another stormy day

The weather and sea state forecasts available through internet proved to be really useful for our day to day planning of activities. Whereas we had initially planned to carry out several short-term experiments...

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22/04/2015 08:57

64PE398 - Diary 17

Watching tall waves

Wednesday 22 April 2015 – Another stormy day

Doing one more yo-yo CTD cast overnight, we make the best of the time we spend in the Rainbow area waiting for better weather. But the new day brings no improvement, on the contrary, the wind only gets stronger...

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