Collaboration with commercial partners and governments

Royal NIOZ basically is a fundamental marine research institute with the aim to develop a mechanistic view on the functioning of the oceans, seas and transitions to the continents. This fundamental knowledge is imperative to develop and fine tune national and international marine policies on exploration, exploitation and conservation of the marine domain. Not only for our shallow coastal waters, but also for deeper waters that are increasingly being exploited for commercial purposes. NIOZ will have its knowledge and skills made accessible to socio-economic purposes in two ways:

  1. through cooperation with companies that wish to exploit the sea in a sustainable manner for the production of food, to produce raw materials for a biobased economy and to generate sustainable energy. Existing knowledge can be applied and, where needed, collaborative research can be conducted to fill in the gaps.
  2. by participating in public-private cooperation projects in the marine environment, where the government takes the lead and a private enterprise accounts for the implementation. This approach, which is increasingly being followed by the government, is prone to a lack of scientific reference which may be detrimental to the marine environment. In public-private partnerships for marine projects, NIOZ wishes to participate as the fundamental and independent marine research institute to advise and conduct scientific research, such as impact studies, on economic and infrastructural projects at sea.

NIOZ-Science harbour

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In order to support the activities arising from the above, NIOZ harbour at Texel will be upgraded to 'NIOZ-Science harbour'.

NIOZ recognizes the urge to exploit the sea within the framework of proper legislation for a sustainable production of food, to produce raw materials for a biobased economy and as a source (-area) for the generation of renewable energy. NIOZ will encourage innovative sustainable initiatives by developing and upgrading the existing NIOZ harbour into 'NIOZ Science harbour'.

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Standard terms and conditions

The NIOZ standard terms and conditions can be downloaded as a PDF-Document